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Más de 60 proveedores de servicios de telecomunicaciones e infraestructuras de todo el mundo documentan su infraestructura de fibra óptica y multiplexores mediante ConnectMaster™


Más de 65 empresas de servicios públicos de todo el mundo documentan sus redes de cable de cobre y fibra óptica con los sistemas de telecontrol y transmisión de datos superpuestos mediante ConnectMaster™


Operadores privados o públicos de infraestructuras de ferrocarril y carreteras gestionan sus redes de cable de cobre y fibra óptica como base para los sistemas de control de tráfico mediante ConnectMaster™


Empresas industriales con redes de datos que conectan sistemas de producción distribuidos gestionan sus redes de cable de cobre y fibra óptica con ConnectMaster™

Nextgen | Una empresa de Vocus

Telecommunications  |  ASIA & PACIFIC  |  Australia

Nextgen owns and operates one of Australia`s largest Fiber network to provide high performance data services and solutions for business customers, service providers, network integrators, carriers, corporations and government agencies.

Connect Master was implemented as the company wide tool for Planning and Design in External Plant, Internal Plant and their Transmission Network. The system was rolled out to a number of departments including Sales, Fiber Planning (Design), Engineering and Operations.


Transports & Public  |  ASIA & PACIFIC  |  Australia

VicTrack is a regional railway company covering the Australian province of Victoria. VicTrack operates besides the train network also a comprehensive telecom network for their own needs but also offering services as a telecom carrier in Victoria.

ConnectMaster manages the whole passive and active telecom infrastructure for the the telecom network, mainly fiber- and copper cables, fiber-, wire connections, joints, cross wirings, patches, cassettes, ODF’s, tubes and sub tubes, chambers, multiplexers/cards for SDH, PDH, WDM und IP/ethernet, also services and logical connectivity. Furthermore interfaces to network management systems and to a GIS System have been implemented.


Utilities  |  ASIA & PACIFIC  |  Australia

TransGrid is a high voltage power distribuition company, operates the major high voltage electricity transmission network in NSW and the ACT Australian states, connecting generators, distributors and major end users. In a joint project based on dedication, trust and open communication, CommTel and Dynamic Design has worked alongside with TransGrid.

Migration of MDF and DDF spread sheets, OPGW Network spread sheets and Network Visio drawings to ConnectMaster, including the system configuration, equipment modelling and customized reports development. Taking into account System interfaces for Ellipse Asset Management system and K2 Workflow system. Turnkey Project for the data validation and migration of existing MS Access based system (STRIDE). This system was the main records system for TransGrid’s transmission network.


Transports & Public  |  EUROPE  |  Switzerland

RHB (Rhätische Bahnen) is a regional railway company in the eastern part of Switzerland and operates beside their Railway network also an extensive telecom network along the railway routes. This network bases on fiber optic and also on copper technology.

ConnectMaster manages the entire cable network infrastructure and assets consisting cables, physical links and connectivity information, splices, patches, cross connects, ODF`s, cabinets and also the services of the whole network.

Mora Telematika

Telecommunications  |  ASIA & PACIFIC  |  Indonesia

Moratelindo is a wholesale telecom infrastructure provider established in 2000. In 2010, the Government of Singapore granted a Facilities-Based Operations (FBO) license to Moratel International Pte. Ltd, as a network gateway for international leased line services. In Singapore, Moratelindo also built fiber optic networks and implemented DWDM (Dense Wavelength- division Multiplexing) to install greater backbone network capacity.

The project implemented by Dynamic Design and WaveTek required large amounts of data migration of existing Google Earth and Excel data containing cable and core details for their entire LTE, FTTH and Backbone networks. This data was validated and converted by Dynamic Design specialists and promptly imported into the system. The implementation also required a long term babysitting arrangement where qualified staff from WaveTek remained onsite to assist with questions and further data correction and reconciliation post implementation. Moratel now is using ConnectMaster for planning and documentation of external plant, internal plant and its transmission network.


Utilities  |  EUROPE  |  Germany

E.ON operates with its subsidiaries German wide electricity distribution networks up to 110 kV.

ConnectMaster is used as the company wide centre piece of the whole documentation for the telecontrol transmission networks. The whole relevant network infrastructure as well as the related inventory, fiber and copper cables, fiber, wire connections, usages, joints, cross wirings, patches, cassettes, ODF’s, tubes and sub tubes, chambers, multiplexers/cards for SDH, PDH, WDM und IP/ethernet, as well as all services and logical connections are documented in the system. Furthermore we have implemented interfaces and data adapters to NMS and Alarm management systems.


Servicios públicos |  ASIA & PACÍFICO  |  Australia

ElectraNet es propietario y operador de la red de transmisión de electricidad del Sur de Australia, con una red de transmisión troncal de 275 kV capaz de transmitir energía por todo el estado. La red de telecomunicaciones de telecontrol está compuesta por cobre, fibra óptica, PDH de microondas, SDH y tecnologías de IP, todas de una amplia gama de fabricantes.

En un proyecto conjunto basado en la dedicación, la confianza y la comunicación abierta, CommTel y Dynamic Design han trabajado con ElectraNet, un especialista en transmisión de electricidad del Sur de Australia, para llevar a cabo un plan de migración de datos de red completo. El proyecto fue llevado a cabo sin necesidad de ampliar el equipo interno existente de ElectraNet. Conjuntamente, las dos empresas implementaron Connect Master, el mejor sistema de diseño e inventario de redes de telecomunicaciones de su clase. Potente, intuitivo y fácil de utilizar, ofrece una plataforma amplia y configurable para documentar todos los aspectos de las redes de telecomunicaciones basadas en infraestructuras, lo cual ofrece a los usuarios una vista integrada de sus operaciones.

Rocket Fiber

Telecomunicaciones  |  NORTEAMÉRICA  |  Estados Unidos

Rocket Fiber ofrece el servicio de Internet más rápido del mundo para clientes de lugares residenciales y empresas en Detroit, con 1 Gbps y 10 Gbps para clientes residenciales y planes para servicios de empresa, llevando la experiencia de Internet al siguiente nivel gracias a velocidades más rápidas y a una conectividad sin límites. Netcon y Dynamic Design de VertiGIS™ han estado cooperando estrechamente con Rocket Fiber para implementar ConnectMaster™ para planificar, documentar, gestionar y realizar el mantenimiento de su red.

El proyecto se completó en un programa de 3 meses sin variaciones adicionales de presupuesto o alcance. Hemos migrado datos de varias fuentes y ofrecido servicios de auditoría in situ en centros de datos de Rocket Fiber y en instalaciones de clientes para crear la base de datos de inventario en ConnectMaster™. Actualmente, muchos de los procesos empresariales de Rocket Fiber funcionan con gran eficacia en ConnectMaster™, incorporando las fases de diseño de la red, implementación, funcionamiento y mantenimiento con gran eficacia.


Telecommunications  |  Africa & Middle East  |  Kenya

Safaricom PLC is a leading Kenyan communications company and a leading digital innovator providing a wide range of communication services, including mobile voice, messaging, data, financial and converged services with a vision to empower a connected society.

The solution deployment was completed in phases that included component design, the creation of custom symbol library, existing OSP cleaning and import into ConnectMaster, NMS integration, a variety customized on-site training courses targeted at various user groups within the organization, and customized BOM and BOQ development. The result is a centralized and accessible platform resulting in a holistic fibre network view for operational, inventory management as well as network planning and design.

The ConnectMaster planning module enables the creation and management of project templates, which guides and manages the network design process. The network design is completed through a series of customized steps and transitions using the planning module that include project design and cost approval, implementation, and as-built.


Industry  |  Europe  |  Sweden

As a global supplier of upgraded iron ore products, LKAB is generating considerable value at many levels – for customers, society, employees and owners. The business concept is to manufacture and deliver upgraded iron ore products and services for iron manufacturing that generate added value for customers on the world market.