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Public Backbone and Distribution Networks

The public provision of telecommunications services requires high – performance backbone networks with very high transmission capacity and easily expandable distribution networks with scalable access bandwidth to connect customer locations and mobile phone radio sites. Depending on the requirements and network services to be provided, technologies such as SDH / SONET, OTN, ETHERNET and MPLS are used. The horizontal and vertical end-to-end view, starting from the network services through all transmission technologies used, fibre paths, cables, pipes to the route used, is necessary for complete control over the configuration of a network service.

Public FTTx Access Networks

Increasingly higher transmission speeds for multimedia and cloud services require the replacement of the existing area-wide copper cable access networks with fiber optic networks to every building or apartment. The immense planning and investment costs involved require largely automated planning, optimization and order processing of FTTx projects.

Telecontrol Networks

Telecontrol and process data networks connect the control centres of utility companies (electricity, gas, water, etc.), energy, transport and industrial companies with their decentralised branch offices and are a critical resource for their core business.These networks require very high availability and therefore careful planning and documentation of the copper and fiber optic paths, the redundancies and the uninterruptible power supply of the multiplexers.

WAN/MAN/LAN – IT Networks

Office-IT networks connect the data centers and office locations of companies (WAN/MAN) as well as the users in the locations (LAN) with the respective IT infrastructure. If these office – IT networks are based on the company’s own cable infrastructure, the management of cable and fiber paths and their redundancies is necessary to provide and maintain the appropriate availability/cost ratio.

Industry Sectors

Telecommunications Service Providers

Over 60 providers of telecommunications services and infrastructure worldwide document their fiber optic and multiplexer infrastructure with ConnectMaster™.

Utility Companies

More than 65 utilities worldwide document their copper and fibre optic networks with the superimposed telecontrol and data transmission systems using ConnectMaster™.


Transport Infrastructure Providers & Public Administration

Private or public operators of rail and road infrastructure manage their copper and fibre optic networks as the basis for traffic control systems with ConnectMaster™.



Industrial companies with data networks connecting distributed production systems manage their copper and fiber optic networks with ConnectMaster™.